BatmanThe Dark Knight Rises Adult Full Mask

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BatmanThe Dark Knight Rises Adult Full Mask

A mask made for man who's prepare to take action! You'll be prepare to rumble and roll with the best of them when you wear this mask! This is the full coverage Batman vinyl cowl/mask a wardrobe must-have The Dark Knight!

Available in One size fits most adults.

Includes: Latex full coverage mask.

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This is an officially licensed Batman accessory. To customize your mask for personal comfort, please review the following instructions:

Before you wear your new character mask, we suggest that you try it on for right fit.

If mask shows creases, stuff with tissue paper and very gently warm on low heat with a blow dryer. While mask is warm, straighten out any creases or folds. Leave paper in mask until it is completely cool.

If mask is fitting loosely away from eyes, we recommend adding tissue or foam inside of mask to bring eyes as close to eye holes as possible.

After wearing, a damp cloth might be used to clean your mask. Using water only, gently wipe down desired areas inside and out. Mask must be completely dry before storing.

To store cover your mask with a plastic bag and place it inside its box. Avoid displaying/storing your mask in steer sunlight or excessive heat.

General info

BrandRubies Costumes
Care instructionsHand wash w/ damp cloth.

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    Being a Batman fan and having got previous Batman masks (like the ones from1989 Batman & Batman Forever) the late quality was not the same as the previous incarnations. It was thinner and not as durable feeling. The mask barely had any definition - like the definition picture d on the eyebrow area. The product came in a box and was severely squished leaving the mask a bit deformed. I was rather disappointed with the product.
  •           ,
    My only crisitism for this mask is that because it was all squashed being posted the horns do not sit right! i ordered this to go with the batman costume for my partner and in looks great ! However it costs nearly as much as the whole outfit , but its worth it!

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