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Crafty Halloween Decor

Dust-on those cobwebs and breakout the pocket change, Halloween is approaching. There is no need to spend ship-loads of money on frivolous decor that can be easily made from home. For the thrifty and economical at heart, decorating for this Halloween can be inexpensive, and best of all, fun!

The stores know when Halloween is near; the window glasses are painted with creamy pumpkin oranges and dark, edgeless noirs. you can see the prices increasing, $50 for a sign? What would have been a cheap purchase is now, seasonally, quite costly. Remember that with a little time and enthusiasm, you can deck out your abode, at a pie-portion of the price.

Step 1: Shop cheap!

Try a local thrift store, they are packed with odd-ball knick-knacks, some of which make excellent decorations. If your lucky enough, you might find actual Halloween decorations. Remember to gather your ideas before going, as simple things like sheets and pillows might be assets.

Dollar stores are just what they advertise: $1 items at your galore. Crafts like paper, glue and tape can be purchased for next to nothing.

Garage sales are another option that can yield eccentric results. Who knows, you might find a gothic chandelier or a creepy family portrait.

If you have thought about Halloween ahead of time, remember that party shops discount their decor after the actual holiday, so loading up for the following year can be a cheap solution.

Step 2: Get crafty!

If you can put your noggin to use, there are plenty of recyclables and house-ready objects eager to be made over for this Halloween.

An old chair with a sheet with eye-holes, draped over it can make a creepy stand-up ghost. You can add a lantern, a push-light or flash light on the chair’s seat to make the eyes glow.

White Christmas lights can be revamped with a little orange cellophane. Mini rubber bands or twisty-ties can secure the plastic in a nonflammable way. You can choose whatever color scheme you desire!

If you can find the time to make it to a craft shop, consider purchasing some glow in the dark paint. You can write a creepy saying or something as simple as “Happy Halloween” on your window or door. Sketches of ghosts and eyes can creepify the space. If you don’t want to paint directly onto your house, try a large piece of cardboard or a flat piece of wood.

Any Christmas wreath can be recycled by spray painting it orange and/or black. You can secure some dried flowers, bones or even “doll heads” to intensify the eeriness.

An old basketball can be spray painted bright orange. You can hand-cut stencils and make a jack-o lantern that can be played with or put out on display.

For any holiday, tea lights are very versatile. Just like Christmas, they can be put out around your walk way. Orange bags can add a little more of a seasonal vibe, although keep in mind that tea-candles burn out quickly. You might consider push-lights, which can be purchased at any dollar store. Feel free to add haunting imagery or even cut holes out for eyes.

Make a personalized scare crow! Traditionally, scare crows were fashioned to keep pesky birds out of fields and gardens. You can use a jack-o-lantern, a mask or a creepy doll head as the face. For the body, use an old rustic set of clothes, preferably with patches. Stuff the clothing with leaves or hay and fasten shut. You can look in your yard for a sturdy branch to fasten the body to. Remember that the scarecrow should look home-made, so don’t fret about the sloppiness of the end result. You can fasten it all with pins, rope or twine. The arms can be as simple sticks poking out.

Halloween decoration ideas

Hand-crafted tomb stones are simple to make, and a fun project at that. An old boogie board, a sheet of cardboard or even a broken down crate box are all easy-to-use options. Color the tomb stone gray and design the face with a clever poem or an ominous saying.

Creepy cutouts can be hung from awnings, roof tops and even tree branches. For durability, try wrapping each cutout with clear tape and using thicker string to ensure weather-proofing. Easy subjects for hanging are cats, bats, ghosts and spiders.

A home made witch can be made in a cinch with an old wig (which can be painted black), a broom, paper and some paint. This will create the “smashed on the door” witch. Fasten the wig at the top with a sheet of black cloth where her torso would be. have the base of the broom at the bottom. Paint her arms on some parchment paper and attach them so that they are coming out of the with’s sides. For extra effects add spiderwebs and paint elongated nails scratching the door.

Two large flowerpots can be painted black and placed between your welcome mat. To simulate flames, add crinkled orange and red cellophane. Attach to the bottom of the pot with glue, tape or weights and let the breeze flutter through so that the fire looks engulfed. You can also add push-lights for the evening.

Next to Christmas, Halloween is one of the most exciting holidays of the year. You don’t need to max out your credit card to achieve that spooky and festive allure. Home made crafts are not only fun to make, but great conversation starters. The people on your block will appreciate the efforts that you put in and might even be inspired themselves. The end result will be spellbinding.