Halloween Made Spellbinding

Magick spell

Magic Spell. Picture author: AForestFrolic on Flickr

Halloween is a time for sheer debauchery. It derived as a Pagen holiday, rich with themes of witch craft and ghostly apparition. Now Halloween seems to be celebrated in an almost systematic manner: dress-up, then collect candy. To add a bit of zeal and spice to the cloak of your Autumn night, try some of these wickedly divine spells.

The spell to ward off vampires

Take a pot and drop in; three cloves where the sun had been, two heads of garlic slightly minced, all within a vinegar rinse. Muddle the ingredients, add a dash of salt- shrivel a piece of a corn stalk. Heat to a boil, until the liquid does simmer, let it cool and take your finger; into the pot, gently mix the brew, take your hand from the chilled stew, rub directly onto the neck: for the ultimate vampire defect.

The spell for inner beauty

On a dark and ominous night, bring a box filled with light. A candle to light, a match to strike, open the box and hold on tight. Drop in a stem, a piece of fruit; lick your lips and tap your boots. Three times to the east, for good skin, two times to the west for a perfect grin. Once toward the south for the words in your mouth, four times to the north for wisdom to come forth.

The spell for more candy

Wait until the black dead of the night, go to the kitchen, tip-toeing light. For your supplies; find a cup, small in size, a little bit of sugar, a dollop will surmise. Pour it in, shaking it around, close your eyes, wish for more candy without a sound. Take your fingers and taste the sweet, open your eyes and whisper “treat.” Take your cup back to your room, place it under your bed, where no one would assume. In the morning; rise from your sleep, take your cup and place it by your feet. Jump up and down, and belt “Trick-Or-Treat!” Then lay back down and think of this feat.

The spell for eternal happiness

In the bath filled with steam, close your eyes and wish your dream. Scream the words you shan’t hear, sing the melody you wish for sincere. Open your lids and flare your nose, brush your heart with a withered rose. Close them again and feel the warmth, take your arms and blossom forth. Sit ahead and sing a hymn, fall back gently and take a swim. Under the water, count to seven, uprise again and reach toward heaven.

The spell to conjure gnomes and fairies

Deep in the forest are fairies and gnomes, hidden they are in their grassy thrones. To conjure their presence, wait until dusk, go into your pantry, for flour is fairy-dust. Travel to your yard; find a flower all alone, pluck it from it’s roots and expel “To all the gnomes!” and after that, pluck each of the petals, let them fall gracefully, and whisper as they settle: “To the fairies: I bid ye to come, all of the forest folk, into my home.” Take your dust and sprinkle it around, and from then on, no longer shall they be bound.

The spell to banish witches

To keep away witches, find a naked broom, take it into your bathroom… Set it neatly in the bath, run cold water over it fast…Turn off the light, touch the moist broom where you are knelt, know now that the witches will melt!

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